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Bubbling just under the surface of Vancouver’s natural beauty and expensive real estate is a vibrant Punjabi music and dance scene that produces some of the world’s biggest bhangra superstars. Tarun Nayar and local band Delhi 2 Dublin give us a tour, including a chat with Jazzy B, watching a sold-out Diljit Dosanjh show in Abbotsford, and crashing a wedding in Surrey.  The film also addresses the factors that keep this scene hidden, including the difficulty South Asians face in getting booked at local festivals and clubs, and the broader lack of diversity on screen and stage in North America.



Documentary examines discrimination in
Vancouver’s bhangra scene


West Coast Bhangra On The Brink


City of Bhangra Festival returns
with new film component


Metro Vancouver's South Asian music
brings back the Bhangra beat


Kirti Arneja – City of Bhangra Festival
June 11-17


"We call it Bhangra City": Film Explores Vancouver's 
Vibrant Bhangra Scene




writer / producer

Tarun 'Tspoon' Nayar is a Vancouver based DJ/producer and tabla player obsessed with fusing Asian music and electronica. A globetrotter, he plays over 100 shows a year with his band Delhi 2 Dublin, and is constantly crate digging for fresh sounds. Tarun has co-written and co-produced all four Delhi 2 Dublin albums. Fiercely independent, Delhi 2 Dublin has harnessed the power of their electric live show and social-media savvy fanbase to sell over 80,000 albums with no label support and no mainstream radio play. Tarun is also the Artistic Director for the Vancouver International Bhangra Celebration (one of North America’s largest South Asian festivals), co-founder of DJ Collective Beats Without Borders, and co-founder of Jam Camp, and improvisational music camp for children. He is an advocate for diversity in the arts, and is a member of the BC government’s Music Education Task Force, and Vancouver’s Music City Committee.



Shiraz Higgins is an experienced filmmaker who is constantly trying to make his next video better than his last. The first video Shiraz made was a grant-funded hour long documentary on homelessness, which he shot and edited. He has since worked on a wide range of projects, including videos for New York Times Bestselling authors Tony Robbins, Sharon Moalem, Matt Kepnes and Tim Ferris, non-profits like LeadNow, Powershift and Pull Together as well as various departments at the University of Victoria and as well as music videos for Jesse Roper, Band of Rascals among others.



Kate Wattie’s start in the entertainment industry began in London, UK at Virgin Records where she worked for Virgin Records. Upon returning to Vancouver Kate started managing a friend’s band which led into the start of the Tonic label and success with Bocephus King. During this time, Kate Wattie also started managing vintage guitar store, Not Just Another Music Shop. In 2013 Kate came back to management full time and joined forces with Rob Calder of Boompa Records. Together they created a creative agency, Time & Works, which includes Tonic Records, Boompa Records, Secret Study, DoBC and Exile Electronics. As an artist and label manager Kate Wattie works with several Western Canadian artists including The Harpoonist & The Axe Murderer, We Are The City, Leeroy Stagger, Dralms, Woodpigeon, Buckman Coe, Tavis Triance, Mu, Bocephus King and Rodney DeCroo. Kate has produced with We Are The City two TELUS Optik documentaries (Whether You Care or Not / Above Club – recipient of a 2017 Leo Award. 

Delhi 2 Dublin is a hybrid live/ electronic act whose concerts have been likened to '90 minutes of freebasing joy'. Famous for their energy onstage, the five member crew has played over 100 shows a year for the last decade at festivals like Electric Forest (USA), Woodford Folk (Australia) and Bali Spirit Festival (Indonesia). Connecting roots to future, D2D features a heavy electronic backbone with live traditional Indian instruments (dhol, tabla), fiddle, electric guitar, and the stunning punjabi-english vocals of frontman Sanjay Seran. The new album, 'We're All Desi' sees the notorious genre smashers continue to evolve into fresh sonic territory. Teaming up with red hot producer Nick Middleton (The Funk Hunters), the result is a battle call for a quickening world - more truth, more smiles… and a lot more bass.




Bhangra + Identity w Mo Dhaliwal

Bhangra + the UK Connection w Manpal Rana and En Karma (Nick Chowlia, Pip Dhaliwal)

Bhangra + Punjab w Jazzy B

Bhangra + Weddings w/ Asad aka DJ Khanvict



Pammi Bai

Jazzy B

Van City Bhangra

Royal Academy of Bhangra

Mo Dhaliwal

DJ Khanvict

Paul + Jas Binning


Delhi 2 Dublin

“This whole journey started with a Facebook post. In the winter of 2016 I had looked over the winners of the most recent Storyhive music video competition and noticed the shocking lack of diversity. This lack of diversity mirrored what my band, Delhi 2 Dublin, and I have observed while touring for the last decade. We are usually the only brown performers on stage wherever we are. And the only brown grant winners. And the only brown… anything, which didn’t make any sense, because we knew so many brown musicians.


So much talent in the Lower Mainland - Surrey,  Richmond, Vancouver. And so much history - producing some of the biggest global names in punjabi music. So I said something, tagged some friends at Telus, and next thing I knew I was sitting in a meeting with them, telling them about this scene that was getting passed over by the conventional music industry. Friends Rob Calder and Kate Wattie suggested that

I hit them up for funding to tell the story of Bhangra City - the hidden subculture of Punjabi music from which
Delhi 2 Dublin arose"

- Tarun Nayar

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